Friday, June 25, 2010

CIA violated ...

There's a newish report out by PHR (Physicians for Human Rights), documenting the various roles played by medical personnel in the CIA torture programs during the Bush years. Many of these so-called medical professionals appear to have a rather unseemly hankering for understanding the effects of torture on the human subject. Fascinating, to be sure, but that "do no harm" thing also seems a quaint anachronism in our doped up and fiendish times.

Now, the CIA part:
said the report appears to demonstrate that the CIA violated "all accepted legal and ethical standards put in place since the Second World War to protect prisoners from being the subjects of experimentation."
Which, with the addition of the words 'has continually,' is pretty much a summary of the CIA, which has repeatedly demonstrated an insistent vector toward human experimentation with drugs and torture, all in violation of "accepted legal and ethical standards" since inception. In 1953, the CIA, in combine with the DoD, sprayed LSD on a small town in France. They or their proxies have jacked up unwitting subjects with all manner of dope and ghoulish enterprise, but especially, the CIA liked LSD. Still do. Today, in the 21st century, the CIA are still whacking up subjects, now "detainees," with who knows what cocktails of drugs and ghoulish enterprise. Well, we have some idea.

Of course, the CIA doesn't have dink-weed operations out there yowling about violations of accepted legal and ethical standards by the CIA. Oh, no. They have Congress for that. And congress do about as much as PHR will manage to do with this report.

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