Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CIA, with strings attached

Bruce Cameron's marvelous article recounting a brief history of the CIA in Afghanistan, post Soviet withdrawal, brings to light in interesting little factoid:
CIA hardliners also hungered for revenge, with the expressed desire of seeing Najibullah “strung up by a light pole,” one CIA official told then-Newsweek correspondent Robert Parry in 1989.
And, then one day ...
The ousted communist leader Najibullah, who had stayed in Kabul, sought shelter in the United Nations compound, but was captured. The Taliban tortured, castrated and killed him, his mutilated body hung from a light pole, just as CIA hardliners had wanted more than half a decade earlier.
The CIA may fuck up a lot of serious shit, but I suspect that when the CIA want someone dead, they get dead. Except for that damned Castro bastard. Damn you, Castro!

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