Thursday, March 25, 2010

CIA 'could face court' over Pakistan drone raids

Now they tell them!
The US government's refusal to offer a legal rationale for using unmanned drones to kill suspected militants in Pakistan could result in CIA officers facing prosecution for war crimes in foreign courts, a legal expert has told lawmakers.

"Prominent voices in the international legal community" were increasingly impatient with Washington's silence on the CIA's bombing raids in Pakistan and elsewhere, Kenneth Anderson, a law professor at American University, told a congressional panel on Tuesday.

Lawyers at the US State Department and other government agencies were concerned that the administration has "not settled on what the rationales are" for the drone strikes, he said.

Now, you must understand that this particular Kenneth Anderson is war-mongering nutjob so far as I have been able to discern. He favours, and believes to be legal, CIA and JSOC planned assassinations against individuals or groups of individuals suspected of being terrorists, insurgents, Taliban, al Qaeda. He derives this belief, no doubt, on the fact that the prohibition on assassinations applied literally to "political assassinations," a condition easily ducked in the age of the gwot.

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