Friday, August 28, 2009

The Megrahi Exodus

A conspiracy machine:

The release of "convicted" Lockerbie bomber, and former Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Akli al-Megrahi was presaged by an "annual gathering of influential people."

Britain's Lord Mandelson met Libyan president Colonel Muamar Gaddafi's grandson at the "Rothschild villa in Corfu" prior to the release from Scottish prison of Libyan intelligence officer and convicted criminal by a Dutch court under Scottish law in the 1988 Lockerbie Scotland case, the above-mentioned al-Megrahi.

Here's mine:

More UK-Libyan trade deals are to follow. The US, too, is in on the action, as is France, Canada, and Russia. Indeed, the UK was lagging badly and needed to catch up. OIl, oil infrastructure, commercial construction, military hardware (notably unlike China, which usually agrees to build roads, railways, schools and hospitals in the countries with which they make economic agreements) ... soon, the Libyans will be receiving advice that they must "invest" rather than leave languish all that precious money they have, doing nothing.

At the official level, US protestation and "outrage" at the release is a necessary psyop -- "justice must be served" -- while the players know the score; the release is perfectly fine. Official public fracture must needs exhibit; the US must look no less than enthusiastic in condemning the commutation of an insignificant and falsified conviction -- one the US insisted upon in the name of justice. Certainly, Gaddafi is laughing, watching Clinton denounce the release, knowing full well the lucrative business to follow.

Meanwhile, "influential people" have plans for Tripoli and beyond. Indeed, with this nascent western-Libyan alliance, the circle has been closed. Either US-backed allies, UNPK forces, or US forces themselves, are effectively in place in Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Darfur, Chad, CAR, DRC, Uganda, Kenya, with Libya closing the circle. Khartoum is now effectively surrounded; their only real ally, China. Fortunately for China and Khartoum, Sudanese oil has direct access to the Red Sea. One wonders how long before Somali pirates start jacking Sudanese oil tankers bound for China (China has already deployed naval forces to the region), and hostilities ramp up in Darfur, the rebels newly energized for some mysterious, unknown reason. The heat, probably. Meanwhile, the Rothschilds soak it up from every conceivable angle.

And what has Colonel Gaddafi learned? Mutiny does not necessarily bring bounty.

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